Walk Your Way To Fitness

If you’re just getting started on your weight loss journey, I suggest starting slow. Walking is something that doesn’t take a lot of energy, but it is an efficient way to start burning calories. Besides, if you aren’t doing any exercising thus far in your life, walking is the perfect introduction to an exercise regime. It can be done in place, outside, or on a treadmill. There really isn’t any excuse to keep you from achieving your weight loss goals.

That’s why we love jessicasmithtv. She is the master of the uncomplicated beginner’s workout. This workout is only 30-minutes long, so no excuses on time. You can also cut the time in half and do part of the routine earlier in the day and part of it at night.

She gets you going right away with a quick warm-up to get your heart rate up, which is important to losing weight.

This workout is great because you don’t need a lot of space to perform it in, especially since the majority of the workout involves walking in place. You could even incorporate some of the routine into your afternoon stroll in the park. It can be done while you’re watching your kids at the park or walking them in a stroller. The sky’s the limit!

Get off your booty, and start sculpting a new one!

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