Stop Eating These “Healthy” Snacks


Everyone has a friend that warns them to stay away from junk food like soda, sugar, and sweets because they’re bad for you. Yeah. That’s understandable. But what if we told you there are “HEALTHY” foods you eat regularly that are actually damaging your weight loss goals?

Insane Home Fat Loss is showing us five snacks that hinder you from losing fat and gaining muscle. The tricky part is, you think these are good for you, but they really aren’t all that different from the “junky” junk food. The first food is whole wheat bread. A lot of people think it’s not bad because it isn’t white bread, but this type of bread still has a lot of fat and calories in it! A substitute to avoid eating this bread is by eating brown rice! Brown rice is a great, natural alternative and it fills you up faster!

The next food, or in this case, drink, is fruit juice! Fruit juice isn’t as bad for you as sodas, but it does still have a lot of sugar and processed ingredients. Instead of drinking fruit juice, just eat fruit! You’ll consume a lot less calories and get much more beneficial nutrients. Drink lots of water, and drink coconut water which is super hydrating and tastes great!

The third food is granola. While this food may not be as bad for you as other unhealthy snacks, this food still has a lot of fat, calories, and extra sugar that your body doesn’t need. A good substitute for this is eating all-natural oatmeal! This is much better for your body and you still get the flavors you love.

The fourth “healthy” food to never eat isn’t so much a food as it is a drink, but we’ll let this one slide. The culprit is Gatorade! You might think that drinks like Gatorade will give you the energy you need for a workout, when really you’re just getting a bunch of sugar, calories, and electrolytes your body just doesn’t need. Drink water or eat a banana 30 minutes before a workout for added, natural energy!

The last food is organic junk food. While organic snacks might look like they’re healthy, they still aren’t as good as eating natural, organic foods that come straight from the earth. The trick here is to just avoid processed foods all together, and stick to the natural stuff. There you have it. The five foods you NEVER want to eat again.

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