Kickbox Your Way To A Sexy Body


Get your mean face on for this  cardio kickboxing workout! It’s all about getting your heart rate up and doing high-intensity moves for maximum calorie-burning and maximum fun.

When it comes to cardio, it’s focused on burning fat and calories It will also get your heart rate up to keep you energized and raise your metabolism. Strength and weight training is definitely important for building muscle and maintaining long-term fat burning, but cardio is a great addition to target calories and have the two work hand-in-hand.

Cardio gets your heart rate up and builds its strength, so that your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump the body’s blood. Other added benefits of cardio are that it:

1. Increases lung capacity

2. Gives you energy

3. Reduces risk of a heart attack

4. Overall helps you to feel better and healthier!

This exercise mixes cardio with kickboxing so that you get a bit of strength training as well as cardio mixed in. It’s important when doing cardio to be adding more calories to your diet, since cardio burns lots of calories. Getting more calories out of the foods  you eat will help maintain your body weight and help your body to keep adding muscle. Otherwise, you’ll just become a smaller version of yourself. It’s all in the balance. Eat your yogurt, milk, and cheese at full fat in order to add calories. Use more olive oil, or the oil of your choice, in your cooking. Amping up the calories in your regulr meals is the best approach. Plus, it just makes everything taste better!

Adding cardio to your weekly workout is a great way to stay healthy and burn extra calories; as long as you do it the right way.

According to Millionaire Hoy:

Cardio Kickboxing means that we’re going to be throwing lots of kicks and punches, so get ready to burn lots of calories and have fun while kicking ass and taking names.

In Cardio Kickboxing Vol. 3 we’re going for 30 minutes straight here, so remember to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and keep from banging your joints. We got 22 rounds, ranging from 30-45 seconds. This is a full-body workout and will help to improve agility, speed, strength, and cardiovascular strength.

Workout Breakdown:

01 — Warm-Up — 00:30
02 — Stretch — 03:14
03 — 2 Knee, Front Kick, Back Kick — 07:00
04 — Switch Crosses — 07:56
05 — Quick Knees — 08:51
06 — 2 Jab Shuffle — 09:46
07 — Side Kick Steps — 10:41
08 — Switch Kicks — 11:36
09 — Elbow Knee Kick — 12:36
10 — Scramble Jabs — 13:41
11 — Burpee Squat Hops — 14:35
12 — Knee Series — 15:30
13 — Hop, Block, Knee — 16:25
14 — Shadow Jabs — 17:20
15 — Cross Tuck Jumps — 18:30
16 — High Knee Taps — 19:25
17 — Arch Knee Squats — 20:20
18 — Speed Bags — 21:15
19 — Uppercut Switches — 22:10
20 — Ab Twists — 23:05
21 — Burnout:Twisting Kick-out Burpees — 24:15
22 — Cool Down — 27:24

Have you checked out this cardio kickboxing workout? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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