Timing Nutrition: Is It Important?

It turns out that timing nutrition, when it comes to protein and fuel intake,  before and after a workout is not as important as we make it out to be.  If you have ever been worried about when and what to eat before, during, and after a workout, this video is addressed to you.

A lot of fitness companies and health stores are going to tell athletes that it’s important to consume a certain amount of protein within 30 minutes after their workout for maximum muscle growth and recovery. This is doing nothing but trying to convince consumers to purchase their product and fool you. Protein powders can be pretty pricey, so if you believe the info that is being shared by Matty Fusaro, then you may be saving yourself a ton of cash, as well as worry.

Don’t get Matty wrong, It’s definitely important to be consuming the right amount of protein and nutrients to gain desired muscle, but the timing and the type is NOT important. It’s easier to make sure that your daily meals include the adequate amount of protein than to spend extra money on “post-workout nutrition” smoothies and snacks. You don’t need to be in any particular rush to chug down a protein shake directly before or after a workout. Do nutrition at your own pace.

The bottom line: Listen to your body. If it’s hungry, feed it. If it’s not, wait until it is. It’s not necessary to force down protein and nutrients within a certain amount of time after a workout. It’s only important that we make sure we’re consuming the correct daily intake and we’re not over-doing it! Listen to yourself, and stay smart. Real food and eating when you’re hungry is the simplest and best way to get your needed nutrients, without the hassle of timing nutrition.

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