A 7 Minute Workout For Beginning Strength-Trainers


For those of you who are just starting to workout and don’t know exactly how to start, Six Pack Shortcuts has the solution! This 7 minute workout is full-body and will have you doing the simple, yet most important exercises to work all areas of the body. This is key in building muscle all over because spot-training simply doesn’t work.

When trying to lose fat and gain strength all over, you must work out all areas of the body at some point in the week. It’s great to do variations working your arms, abs, legs, and including cardio as well to get your heart rate up. Building muscle all over also burns fat faster and gives you a better metabolism! Everybody wants an excuse to eat more, right? Leg days can be pretty miserable, but you’ll find that they are so worth it when you see the results! Starting with this easy, 7 minute workout is a great place to start your muscle building journey.

Message from Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts:

Hey Sixpack-Shortcutters,

What’s up! In this episode, I will be using assistance from one of my friends. Meet Bryan, who is currently a workout newbie. I’ve prepared a good little workout for individuals just like him that are complete newbies. So if you fall under this category, or would just like to follow along then join us. This workout uses basic beginner level exercises, but the routine will give you advance level results. 

Here is the workout ⁃    Push ups – 30 secs ⁃    Toe Touches – 30 secs ⁃    Squats – 30 secs ⁃    High Knees – 30 secs

This is a great beginners full body workout. Just because there are basic exercises used in this video don’t be fooled. This doesn’t mean that with the proper consistency you won’t get ripped, or build muscle with this workout.

What’s your quick and easy 7 minute workout routine? Let us know in the comments.

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