The Tip Every Powerlifter Need

For some of you fitness crazy guys and gals out there who lift on a regular basis, this tip is for you. It’s the most important thing that anyone who considers themselves a powerlifter needs to know.

A lot of times when people are lifting heavy weights and working their upper and lower body, they miss out and ignore the one very important thing that they should be doing to get the most out of every lift. That is CORE STRENGTH. It is crucial when lifting to engage your core!

Not focusing on the core can result in pain, injury, and general instability when working out. Engaging your core muscles and tightening with every lift will allow more stability, strength, and support in your workout.

If you’re a powerlifter, this is especially true! You can’t gain more upper body strength if you aren’t constantly growing the foundation that it needs. So, this means working out your core and making your core as strong as possible, so that you can strengthen, work, and push your upper body muscles to their full capacity.

It’s a pretty simple rule that any power lifter can utilize while lifting heavy. The core is important to focus on in most exercises, but it is essential when you add in weights. Don’t subject yourself to injury and a potential long recovery. Check out this video that explains engaging the core, and protect yourself today to keep enjoying the gains that lifting brings.

How do you remind yourself to engage your core? Do you think it’s that important? Let us know in the comments!


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