Animal Flow Is Your New Favorite Workout

Ever wonder what it’s like to get in touch with your animal side? Now you can find out in the classes that are sweeping our nations group fitness! The Animal Flow workout is seriously tough, and it will make you feel exactly like the beast you are. Picture our most primitive cavemen, and you can imagine what this exercise routine is composed off. It takes some great body strength to be able to drag your knuckles across the ground, and you’re pretty much in a constant squat throughout the workout.

Check out this awesome intro video. It’s a clip of the requirements needed to become an Animal Flow Workout instructor, but it shows some of the toughest and best moves in the routine. If you’re interested in finding an animal flow class near you, you can find one online.

If you can’t find one, or it’s just too far, then we suggest picking up a DVD on the Animal Flow website.

According to the site:

Animal Flow is an innovative new fitness program that combines quadrupedal and ground based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasizing multi-planar, fluid movement. Animal Flow can be utilized as a stand-alone workout or as a group class format, and can be integrated into existing fitness routines by utilizing various components for dynamic warm-ups, interval training, circuit training, and skills building. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will realize significant benefits from the practice, including increased mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance, skill and neuromuscular communication. Easily tailored to individuals of all fitness levels, Animal Flow is an incredibly versatile workout that makes a great addition to any trainer’s arsenal of fitness tools.

There’s also a similar workout available on Amazon.

So go ahead and use your wild side to your advantage with this awesome full-body workout routine. You don’t have to go Paleo to get in touch with your carnal fitness self, but it wouldn’t hurt to eat plenty of protein when you finish these routines. Protein will help you recover from the Animal Flow workout. Just be sure to cook your meat before tearing into it, you beast!

Have you tried Animal Flow before? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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