Gym Bag Essentials For Men

Let’s face it: When you work out really hard and break a sweat, you aren’t leaving the gym smelling like roses. That’s why we’re excited to see all of these yummy sounding products from Men’s Fitness correspondent, Jenn Lahmers. Trust us, these are gym bag essentials that you’re not going to want to leave home without.

She’s attempting to give her boyfriend a not-so-subtle push in the right direction hygiene-wise, and she has picked out some awesome products for her boyfriend to use post-workout.

As a lady, I always bring moist towelettes with me asone of my gym bag essentials. They are designed for cleaning up after a sweat, and they smell really good. I always hop in the shower when I get home, but these help me to not feel like I’m stewing in my own grossness while I make the 5 minute drive home.

Gentleman, if you have a shower at your gym, I suggest you use it. Bring along my personal favorite product that Jenn talks about: Axe Dark Temptation Shower Gel. According to Jenn, it has notes of dark chocolate, and if there’s one thing that ladies love above fit dudes, it’s chocolate. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true.

You can grab this shower gel at Amazon or Walmart, and we suggest buying in bulk because you’re going to get addicted. They also make a body spray and lotion in the same scent.

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You’re going to have to watch the rest of the video to hear about her other great product recommendations. Make sure to take her word on the last product because it’s super important!

What’s your favorite gym bag essential? Is it something you use pre or post-workout or both? Let us know in the comments.

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