Yoga Isn’t Just For The Ladies

I bet there has been a time that your girlfriend tried to coax you into her yoga class. Maybe she thought it would be a good bonding experience. Maybe she thinks you just need to relax and focus on your energy, but, of course, you turned her down. Men don’t do yoga! It’s not a word in their vocabulary, right? Wrong! Yoga can be so incredibly beneficial to everyone, including men.

If you browse around the ManFlowYoga youtube page, you’ll notice a lot of yoga workouts that target specific problems that can most certainly affect men and their workout performance. There are workouts for injuries and specific parts of the body, like shoulders and back. Everyone needs to focus on their overall health every once in a while, and yoga is a perfect way to repair tired and sore muscles.

I particularly enjoy this video because it’s a yoga routine that really seems like a circuit training routine, and I know you’ve all done a circuit or two in your day! Dean starts out the video with a 30 second plank, and it only gets tougher from there. As one YouTuber exclaimed in the comments, “F&*# you, Dean. Just did 5 rounds of these using 3 pound bags with the cobra rows. My shoulders feel…punished. :D”

If that isn’t a glowing review of how much this workout kicks behind, then I don’t know what is. If you think you can handle this Yoga workout, then grab a mat and get to it. I promise I won’t tell your girlfriend.

Did you give it a shot? Let us know if it converted you to yoga in the comments.

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