A Simple Tip To Curb Your Cheese Addiction

Oh cheese, how I love you! Nothing is more satisfying than a warm bowl of mac and cheese after a long, tough day. But alas, cheese is not always your best friend. It has been known to cause digestive problems, skin problems, and is never really a good idea to eat before a work out. Although it’s an excellent source of protein, sometimes we either need to cut down on our consumption or find a replacement altogether to feel at our absolute best.

So, if dairy is something you’re looking to replace, you’ve probably already subbed your milk for almond milk. That’s a simple solution to dairy that many Americans have picked up on, even if they aren’t struggling with lactose problems. I actually prefer the taste of almond milk to dairy milk. It’s a little bit sweeter and thinner and it works wonderfully with cereal. Don’t even get me started on almond ice cream! It’s also chock full of vitamins and protein to fuel your workouts without dragging you down. No-brainer, right?

But what about ooey, gooey, oh-so-delicious cheese? When I had a vegan roommate, she was constantly trying to convince me that vegan cheese tastes just like the real thing, but I politely disagreed. Whenever we made pizza I struggled to enjoy all the yummy vegetables being covered by that poor excuse for mozzarella. What’s a cheese lover to do?

That’s where Healthy Cooking Camp comes in. They’ve received a complaint from a viewer who’s going through cheese withdrawals. She couldn’t be happier with the changes that her change in diet has brought to her, but there’s a hole, bigger than any one you’ve seen in Swiss cheese, in her heart that cannot be filled. The tip that the ladies of healthy cooking camp give their cheese-less fan may just change her life forever. Nutritional Yeast can be easily bought on Amazon, and it will add a parmesan flavor to whatever you choose to add it to.  I love how Robyn and Quinn even give you some ideas and recipes to experiment with!


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