The Only Ab Move You Need

It’s okay to admit it: We all want amazing abs.  A lot of the work is done in the kitchen with a healthy diet, but it never hurts to do some intense ab moves to help you sculpt muscle underneath the stomach fat you burn from diet and cardio. I’m loving Carly Rowena’s Move of the Month series because it introduces a unique, targeted move to add to your ever growing fitness repertoire. This month’s move, the reverse curl, is a killer ab move that can be done from the comfort of your own home. It really engages the core for ultimate muscle development, and doing just 20 reps a day will get you on the way to washboard abs. When used as a part of a regular interval workout, this move can enhance anyone’s physique and help you get to the body of your dreams. Who wouldn’t want abs like Carly?

From Carly “Abs to Kill For” Rowena:

Want to know the Best Ab Exercise? Try my Move of the Month! This video will show you (in my opinion) the best exercise I have found to tone and tighten your abs whilst helping to flatten your tummy. This month’s video is all about abs, flat tummy, 6 pack results. I have used this exercise will all of my clients and they have loved how it has worked their stomachs.

Tips: Think about what you are trying to do, if you feel your back more than your abs please only take your legs to a height/level where you do not feel your back and then progress lower over the following weeks. Aim to do it 2 – 3 times a week with 15+ reps!

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