Mountain Climbers Challenge: Add Some Spice to Your Workout Routine With These Variations

mountain climbers

Not the kind of mountain climbers we’re talking about. But this is how you’ll feel when you’ve completed your workout!

Everybody needs a challenge. When you first start on your path to fitness, mountain climbers are often part of that challenge. As time goes on and our bodies get more fit, we need a little change up to make things fresh again. That’s where this awesome video comes in! Pushing yourself with new routines will help your body surpass those annoying plateaus that hold you back from your goal. If everyone did the same ol’ boring workout routine, progress would never be reached. You have to continuously push yourself to see the results that you truly want and deserve.

Modified Mountain Climbers

Mixon Fitness brings the pain with their amazing and challenging variations on the mountain climber. He starts out “easy” with a modified version of the mountain climber, using a workout bench. If you’re not comfortable putting your body closer to the ground, we suggest using this modification, and investing in a solid workout bench is a great idea for your home gym. You can pick up a similar bench at Amazon or Sports Authority.

mountain climber challenge

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Mountain Climbers: Check Your Form

We love this video because it gives you mini-tutorial on how to do a proper mountain climber. Let’s face it. We all need a reminder every once in awhile to check our form. Are your shoulders aligned with your arms? Are you wearing the proper shoes? ┬áIn case you didn’t need a reminder on how tough and wonderful the mountain climber is, he also adds a little mini-workout at the end that can be done at any park with a playground. Utilizing playground equipment is a genius way to get in a good workout while still being able to have fun with your kids.

We know that mountain climbers are never any gym goers first choice. But, let’s face it, they work. They get results and that’s reason enough to put in the time. Don’t believe us? Just as

Have you found a way to avoid mountain climbers that’s working for you? Let us know in the comments!

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